Beyond the Metamorphosis Conference, we recognize that women need tools to access and continue the process of change. The Metamorphosis Empowerment Program provides practical applications, tools, resources and developmental skills to women to achieve personal success. Leadership seminars, career development, health empowerment, speakers training and other topics have been presented during our programs. Partnerships with corporate sponsors give greater access to business resources.

Programs vary in diversity to attract women from all walks of life. We are sure there is an Empowerment Seminar that will help you!

VISION CREATIVITY SEMINAR hosted by the Metamorphosis Empowerment Seminars and led by Christy L. Staples 
Can you see it? Create your vision board. 

Vision is a future oriented, detailed description of an outcome you desire.  It is the most important aspect of achievement. The Metamorphosis Empowerment Team will direct and assist you as you build your vision board to articulate your future. Take the next step in securing the next phase of success in your life! 

Metamorphosis Takes Women’s Empowerment to The Next Level! 
Executive Training for 21st Century Leadership Roles

Global surveys with female leaders over and over again have said that they would benefit the most from training in areas like brand development, industry knowledge, breaking through barriers, and communication. Partnering with The Rucker Group, a C-suite advisory firm, Metamorphosis is proud to introduce a new Professional Women’s Development program that provides key insight on the higher-level competencies women need in order to move into senior leadership roles. The courses in this program will help you understand how to develop strategy, market your brand, negotiate with executives, effectively communicate your plans and much more. Along the way, you’ll also learn how to master industry knowledge and capitalize on proven strategies to accelerate your career.

Our communities need qualified women to fill many of its leadership roles for a brighter future for all.  Metamorphosis Empowerment wants to make sure YOU are prepared to step into any role for which you may be called upon to serve.  

Who is it for:   For senior leaders with more than 15 years of experience in corporate sectors, non-profits or entrepreneurs.
What to expect:

Professional leadership development program
Invaluable mentoring and coaching for women
Build professional peer networksLearn theories from top business schools
Appearances by industry leaders
Opportunities for professional advice
Hands on exercises
Exposure to many of the ‘unwritten rules’ of strategic advancement
Learn tools, tips and templates you can use at work immediately
Can lead to consideration for leadership opportunities in the private, public and nonprofit sectors
Programs on leadership, innovation, market knowledge, branding, communication and much more

Specially designed for proven company leaders with more than 15 years of experience, if you have this type of background, and you’re interested in applying to this elite program, please use the survey link below to complete your application, and we will contact you with additional details and tuition information. Minimum twelve month commitment with sessions held on evenings and weekends.


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